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I GUARANTEE you will learn a lot more than you think by charting your territory.  Or I'll Triple your money back.
Even if you stop on the EZ Button.  Don't be surprised if you discover Time Table Errors.  Odds are you will.

I think you will enjoy and appreciate having a DISTANCE & SPACE RELATIONSHIP view of your subdivision.  My way of charting, Items are sorted by Mile Post Location, not by Item type.  And Mile Posts are spaced equally apart giving a distance relationship.

Lessons are CRASH to Brain Freeze.  Even the EZ will give you a very usable and sought after tool.  You decide how much effort you want to put into the charts.   Each lesson charts get better and better.  Must warn you, these are like little puppies when you start.  The more you feed it the larger it gets, until you have this giant slobbering beast towering over you.  Trust me on that one.
RULE ONE:  Give chart a NAME,  DATE IT, with AUTHOR and CONTACT INFO..
RULE TWO:  There is no such thing as PERFECT DATA.   ALL DATA HAS ERRORS!
RULE THREE:   Like trains, no two charts will be the same.   Custom adjustments required on most.
RULE FOUR:  If you add a ruler, you've declared accuracy.  Are your placements of items that good?

I recommend a VECTOR BASED drawing program, for multiple reason.  First so other may edit.  File size will be much smaller.  Zooming in clarity and sharpness remain in tack at any magnification.  Easier conversion to PDF format even if program does not support PDF files.  I can make no recommendations on program to use.   I use a very old DOS based CAD program that has not been supported for many years now.  We all know what Vista thinks of DOS.   XP-Pro has it moments also,  Home works flawlessly, go figure.

I will make a recommendation for converting AS2 drawings to PDF.  I spent years looking for the right one.
Stopped looking after I found "Docuprinter LT".  It does a clean job for little money.  I now own Pro, but use extra features little.
But when those little extras are wanted, it's nice to have for a few extra bucks. Trial versions offered.

Don't think you will be happy using a BITMAP drawing program.  Leave those for editing your pictures.  Just don't go down that track.

Charts can be done clean on graph paper using a pencil.  I've done it.  Make yourself some templates for signals and what not.
You don't need any drawing experience to do this.  What you need is DO IT attitude.  That's all.  I'll show you, don't worry.

CRASH            Down and dirty and no hand holding.  And still under construction.
EZ When done you will have a very nice SPEED CHART.  All you need is a Time Table.
Medium SPEED chart with Station Names, Control Points, Radio Channel, Detectors, and more.  All from Time Table
Medium hard All above with Road Crossings and Intermediate Signals.  If you are UP you can download data from home.
Brain Freeze All above with GRADE, and footage between ALL SIGNALS

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