For Editing Fog Charts you might try INfix PDF Editor
It is easiest PDF editor I've tried to date for Fog Charts.
Add, Remove, Copy, Change almost anything.
Text editing is where this one shines.
Program can also insert LINKS
FREE Fully Functional version offered
Logo Water Mark put on FREE version
Logo covers last 7 miles of Landmarks
Mile Post - Speed - Grade all still visible
Pro Kills a Franklin, but no Logo
INfix PDF Editor will edit Fog Charts
You can do trick stuff with these editors

Files size may increases considerable
Seems normal for such programs

Like to know what you edit with
So other may know what works

Following reported able to edit Fog Charts
Adobe Illustrator
Corel Draw
Canvas Pro
Student & Trial versions available on some
Most a bit pricey for editing Fog Charts

When Editing any chart
Please ADD MODIFIED with date & Author
and leave my credits as is. Thanks

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